Does it cost anything to place ads on Jini Ads?

We have a “Free Ad Type” that is completely free. Our additional ad types have a cost depending on the category they are being placed in. At the end of the process for creating your free ad you will be presented with upgrade options to make your ad a paid ad type.

What different types of ads do you offer?

We offer 4 different ad types: Free, Top of Page, Urgent and Premium.

  1. Free Ad Type – These ads are completely free to place. They will fall into the results list as they were placed.
  2. Urgent Ad Type – (price range 50-149) This ad type will fall into the results list as they were placed but will be highlighted
    in yellow to standout over the other ads.
  3. op of Page Ad Type – (price range 100-299) This ad will placed at the top of the results list and will remain above all Free
    and Urgent ad types.
  4. Premium Ad Types – (price range 149-499) This ad type will be a combination of the Top of Page and Urgent ad types.
    Premium ads will be placed at the top of the results page, above the Top of Page ads and will be highlighted in yellow.

Posting an ad is easy and simple. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Click on “Post Free Ads” link in the header.
  • Fill in the Categories to post.
  • Add Pictures.
  • Choose your Ad Type “Free” or “Paid”

I have published my ad but why I can’t see it yet?

Sometimes even after publishing the ad, your ad will be in pending status. This is because our system has suspected your ad as Spam. In this case, your ad will be activated after our rep checks it manually. It may take maximum 24hours.

How long will my ad be active?

All ads on will remain active for 60 days. Before the ad meets it expiration date.

How can I post an ad the will get a good response.

To increase the chance of getting good responses, follow these simple tips:

How can I post an ad the will get a good response.

  • Good title – A good title will attract more people to visit your ad and it will make it stand out.
  • Description – A good description is very important for the buyer more the detail more likely
    you are to sell the product or services. Always use right spellings in your ad.
  • Images – Upload more images its important to have more than just one image a buyer often
    wants to see every angle of an item you are selling to check for details.

What is premium ad?

Premium ad gives you additional exposure by making your ad more prominent. There is a nominal fee for converting a normal ad to a premium ad.

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